Golf Campus 2020

    The digital evolution is changing the game of golf. From distance measurement to swing analysis. With golf simulator games and online on course digital guides.


    On Course

    Your GolfCampus is in your smart phone. It goes where you go. On the course, the driving range or at Golf simulator studios.

    On Course it helps you plan your game and your shots, as well as analyzing your game afterwards.

    You do that with a digital course guide.


    The Future Golf Club

    The leading Golf Clubs will make maximum use of digital tools to enhance the experience for members and visitors.

    Presenting the course with digital flyovers, giving the players digital on course guides and offering online competitions. Training on the driving range supported by digital simulators. And more.




    A shift from developing the perfect swing to a more personal, consistent swing, has been followed by more fokus on the short game, putting and course management, playing strategy on the course.

    An electronic course guide is at the heart of such development.


    Grow to be a Pro

    Focus for the year to come is on finding how to develop a sustainable swing, creat and follow long term training programs and last buy not least, how to develop as a person and as part of a devoted team.

    For the (young) player with ambition to become a Pro we define three P:s as the important surrounding factors.

    Pros, parents and peers …

    For the player another three P:s

    Play ability, personality, persistence …

    Hot Online

    Two corner stones for future golf. Personal swings and flyovers.

    Swing Model

    Fly over